Looks, feels & works like a Mouse, but click Switchable to Joystick mode

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Phase 1 Prototype

The initial prototype was developed as a semi working mockup - prototype that consisted of a conventional mouse split horizontally with the top half removed and then placed on the shortened shaft of an analog joystick. The joystick base was then mounted on the lower half of the mouse base.

Phase 2 Prototype

I am taking an old IBM style TrackPoint mouse and again splitting it horizontally and remounting the top cover on the tip of the TrackPoint shaft. The TrackPoint mechanism will be moved to a lower and more centered in the mouse housing with an extension added to the shaft to help position and pivot the upper mouse housing and to make it a little less sensitive and therefore more easily controlled. This version will not implement the rotate function at this time, but will easily demonstrate the more comfortable and intuitive physical hand interface. A switch will need to be placed in the top cover to interrupt the joystick signal so as to prevent accidental actuation.




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