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Windows Vista SP1 Upgrade Problem and Solution.

I recently decided to upgrade my Windows Vista® service pack 1. I ran into a significant issue that would probably only affect sites with a domain server. The symptoms of the problem are intermittently extremely slow ( 5 minutes or more ) response when displaying a directory or folder on a network share.

You will identify this problem by observing the green bar moving slowly across the top of a Windows Explorer folder as if you were performing a search.

What is happening in my case is that I am using McAfee Total Protection and it is reacting to the changes that SP1 has made. It perceives that the domain server is a foreign network even though the sub-net has been declaired as trusted.

It then proceeds to scan every file in the share or mapped drive and that accounts for the slow access. This is an intermittent problem because it sometimes remembers and sometimes forgets that it has been there before.

The Solution:

You need to tell McAfee to NOT scan network drives. Follow these steps:

Open the McAfee control panel and Click Computer and Files Configure.

With Virus pprotection is enabled, Click the Advanced button.

Uncheck the Scan network drive check box.

This should resolve the problem.

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